• Kimberley Bushtucker Liqueur Box

    was $149.00

    4 fine liqueurs

    This box set is beautifully presented with 4 x 225ml bottles 18.5% Alc Vol
    Gubinge, White Currant, Boab and Rosella Liqueurs and 4 shot glasses

    225ml Gubinge (Kakadu Plum) Liqueur

    Elixir of the Kimberley

    This excellent liqueur, light amber in colour, presents with sweet flavours that provide a lingering aftertaste. The liqueur, made from the fruit of a tree indigenous to the Kimberley, has been distilled with enthusiasm, and character, both of which are reflected in the taste of this Broome original. It is infused with the taste of this rare and intriguing plant which is sourced from the coastal woodlands of the Dampier Peninsula. A trace of citrus flavour lingers, The Gubinge Liqueur has a gentle aroma, is refreshing on the palette and rewards with is mature fruity flavours.

    225ml Guwarl (White Currant) Liqueur

    This zesty liqueur, has a sharp yet sweet character that will appeal to the discerning tippler! This liqueur is quite assertive in flavour, full bodied and fruity. The White Currant Bush thrives in the pindan hills that fringe famous Cable Beach. It presents with a sophisticated chocolaty notes. The Guwarl Liqueur is another of the very fine, innovative liqueurs that provide authentic tastes of the Kimberley.


    225ml Largardi (Boab) Liqueur

    The Larrgardi Liqueur is the signature liqueur of the The Collection. This ubiquitous, mystical tree, symbolic of the Kimberley, has yielded the quite unique taste of this liqueur. Clear in colour, light in body this slightly sweet, aromatic liqueur is flavoursome in the mouth and lingers in the taste. The liqueur is a bright combination of qualities reminiscent of the appeal of the Boab three from whence it has evolved. When you taste the Larrgardi Liqueur you embrace the subtle flavours of the Kimberley. Suggestive of the uniqueness of the region, the Larrgardi Liqueur capture the mythology of this most emblematic symbol of Kimberley flora.

    225ml Mayi (Rosella) Liqueur

    The Mayi Liqueur is bright on the nose and it’s rose hues are evocative of the indigenous plant from which it was inspired. The light bodied viscosity and sweet honeyed flavours are a parting tribute to the rare Kimberly Rosella parrots that seek the fragrant nectar of the Rosella flower. Something of the attraction, intrigue and splendour of the birds and flowers has been captured in this liqueur. This is the perfect compliment to your ‘bush-tucker’ dinner of pearl meat appetiser followed by Crocodile meat and bush tomatoes. The perfect liqueur to enjoy as you watch the sun dip below the horizon at Cable Beach. The red sky is reflected in the rose hues of the Mayi Liqueur.


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